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Simple Donation

Donations help the local riding, the Liberal Party of Canada and our fellow Member of Parliament achieve the goals that they’ve been elected to realize for you! Your contributions make enormous impacts to the Nepean Community!

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Victory Fund

Here is where you can donate a few bucks a month instead to both the federal party and our local riding(equally). This is a great option for us middle class individuals who are on a budget, but we want to help out financially too! In fact, the Victory fund is our preferred donation method. These donations provide us with an ability to budget appropriately and keep in touch with you.

Join the Victory Fund!


Laurier Club

Here is where the heavy hitters and schmoozers get involved. The Laurier Club is an extension of the monthly donation program (Victory Fund). Laurier club members donate $1,500/year ($750 if you’re under 35) and received the following great benefits as a Laurier Club Members.

  • Invitations to exclusive Laurier Club events across the country, attended by prominent members of the Liberal Party.
  • The opportunity to meet business and community leaders with similar values through an established network of Laurier Club contacts.
  • Insider updates and briefings.
  • A Laurier Club lapel pin, which symbolizes your commitment to the Liberal Party of Canada.
  • The knowledge of playing an important role in transforming our Party into the most inclusive and forward thinking political movement in Canada.
  • The opportunity to apply your donation to your Liberal Party of Canada membership fee

Join the Laurier Club!