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Liberal Party of Canada



A federal Liberal government is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the lives of all Canadians and is committed to democratic governance, federalism and the rule of law.

We are compassionate and responsible fiscal stewards, committed to providing a good and fair balance between the economy and social justice. Based on our values, we work with Canadians to provide equal opportunity and security of the common good to all citizens.

We govern with the understanding that we have a responsibility towards the well-being of individuals, families, businesses, industries, and our environment. Therefore, we have a role in ensuring properly regulated fair and free markets and in preserving the Canadian identity in a global society.

We value education, learning, creativity and innovation as it leads to evidence-based public policy. We are open-minded, pragmatic and supportive of intellectual curiosity and skepticism.



INTEGRITY: We act according to our values and principles We believe that ethics should govern all that we do so that the highest standards of conduct are considered and reected when we engage in responsible representation of Canadians.

DIGNITY: We believe that every person has the right to be heard and represented in a democratic society We recognize that the dignity of each individual is the cardinal principle of a democratic society. We believe in the autonomy, responsibility, and freedom of the individual, in a respectful society.

COMPASSION: We are realistic optimists who believe in peace and universal common good We celebrate diversity and are committed to the pursuit of equality of opportunity for all persons and in the unlimited potential of the human spirit. We believe that it is important to provide fair and equitable treatment to all.

RESPONSIBILITY: We believe that long-term vision is important for a sustainable society at home and abroad We believe that social, economic and environmental issues are interconnected and that society is strengthened when we take action on all three.

REASON: We believe in making decisions based on facts and evidence We rely on legitimate research and expertise to make rational and informed decisions in order to provide Canadians with a responsible and responsive government that addresses their needs.